22 July 2011

Good morning world!  I have so much to tell you all--first of all, let me introduce two wonderful additions to Hungry Hill-- Vixen, and  Trese--both incredibly talented, both incredibly crazy--a perfect fit!  Check out what they've been up to, either one can cure a case of the blues or a lack of mojo in a flash--

I'm also proud & pleased to announce that I have just opened a new store at Wilma4Ever--you know you're shopping there already, now you can get your Hungry Hill fix there too!  Check out all of your favorite designers there--you'll love all of the sales currently going on there, some amazing deals!! 

I've had a lot going on on the homefront & have been guilty of Blog Neglect.  But now my fab CT are all blog authors here, so you'll be seeing not only all of their goodies--(have you grabbed all the awesome cluster frames yet?  You'll find them on each CT blog) but it will also free me up for more designing time--so I'll finally have the time to post more freebies.  Freebies are my favorite thing to do, but they take a lot more time than ptu kits because most CU designers refuse to allow us to make freebies with their stuff now, so these kits require me to a lot more of my own tubing, etc. now.  So we'll be getting more imaginative with our freebies--the cluster frames are just the beginning of that trend.

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