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Crack Shot


Dewdrop Inn

Ice Angel
49 unique elements, no recolors, and a dozen frosty papers

As Time Goes By


Glory Days


Off Her Rocker

Off Her Rocker Addon
8 pretty coordinating elements--FREE

Oooh Shiny!

Pearl of the Carribean
this kit is HUGE--92 unique elements plus extra ribbons
done in the kit papers--absolutely everything your lady pirate could wish for. 

32 unique elements, 6 cute papers, 2 rain overlays
plus a bonus doodled alphabet!

Sea Breeze
49 unique elements plus one recolored ribbon,
12 beautifully textured papers, plus a sand overlay

Soft As Spring
51 unique elements plus recolors of stitches, ribbons, etc
for a total of 59 elements includes a dozen soft papers

Subtle Autumn
52 unique elements including two OBD posers
plus a dozen elegant, muted papers

Subtle Autumn addon
6 elements plus 2 soft papers--FREE

Whatza Ghoul To Do?
68 unique elements plus some recolors for a total of 72 elements
plus 13 creepy papers

Golden Girls
50 unique elements plus some recolors for a total of 56 elements
includes 3 gorgeous OBD posers
plus a dozen elegant papers