10 June 2011

I've been keeping busy, how about you?  There's a wonderful facebook group called Creatively Free that I joined recently--the members share links to all kinds of fantastic freebies, I really encourage everyone to join, it's an excellent group--and I just threw a little 48 hour tag contest in the group.  I provided a link to my ptu kit Tainted for everyone to tag an entry with it, and I had the most wonderful respose!  I gave away three prizes, and wish I could have rewarded everyone who entered, because the entries were all really wonderful.  But I had to restrain myself, so, here are the winners:

Winner of all of my current pay to use kits, Marcia Salgado!! 

The talented Leah (above) and Amy O'Quin (below) each won my 3 newest unreleased ptu kits with these marvelous entries!  And I'd like to give an honorable mention to Heather, who made her very first quick page using the kit, woot woot! 

 Congrats to everyone who participated, enjoy the kit & remember that you're ALL winners!!

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